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Peace. Be Still

This is a strange turbulent time.  It feels like we’re in the middle of a storm.  Tossed about by  distressing statistics and heartrending stories.  So many seem to be caught up in ferocious winds and waves caused the the Covid 19 pandemic. From the pressured nurse and the stressed home-schooling parent to the hemmed-in teenager … Continue reading Peace. Be Still

FATHER’S TEARS. For God so Loves the World Part 1

Father’s Tears Podcast https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-zav8u-d8b848 Reflection on God’s Compassion in the Covid-19 pandemic ending with sensory, contemplative prayer These notes are for designed to be used with the above podcast but can be used on their own.   Sensory, Contemplative Prayer Liturgy Take a bowl of water, dip your finger in the water and drip water … Continue reading FATHER’S TEARS. For God so Loves the World Part 1

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